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Public Service Broadcasting in Latvia: Old images, new user needs and market pressure

Inta Brikše

(University of Latvia in Riga, Latvia)

ABSTRACT: This paper represents a review of how public service broadcasting (PSB) has emerged and developed from the theoretical perspective in post-communist countries, also analysing the way in which these trends exist in Latvia. The development of PSB in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States has been affected to a great degree by the political culture. Parliament and the National Radio and Television Council are not focused on active dialogue with other social partners. Unprofessional management is also a problem in terms of the effectiveness and innovation of PSB operations. The author of this paper concludes that a fundamental necessity is to make note of European experience with culture and democracy, to take into account the experience of post-communist societies, and to react to changes caused by technologies. The point here is not to copy existing solutions, but instead to look for ones that are innovative


KEYWORDS: public service broadcasting (PSB), post-communist transformation, media policy, political influence

FULL TEXT:  Public-service-broadcasting-in-Latvia-Old-images-new-user-needs-and-market-pressure (PDF / 167.15 kb)